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Humanrace Sičhona – adidas

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Pharrell and adidas unveil the latest colorway of the Humanrace Sičhona in Black. Stemming from Pharrell Williams’ long-standing relationship with the Friends of Dakota tribe, with the blessing of his Dakota friends, the silhouette’s name, Sičhona, is deeply emotive and borrows from the Indigenous phrase for “connecting to the earth” – the Dakota way of saying “Barefoot”.

This limited-edition colorway will be shipped with an exclusive printed Zine, celebrating the Dakota land and its people.

Humanrace Sichona x adidas - Accordion
US:5 UK:4.5 EU:37 1/3 JP:230 9.0"
US:5.5 UK:5 EU:38 JP:235 9.2"
US:6 UK:5.5 EU:38 2/3 JP:240 9.4"
US:6.5 UK:6 EU:39 1/3 JP:245 9.5"
US:7 UK:6.5 EU:40 JP:250 9.7"
US:7.5 UK:7 EU:40 2/3 JP:255 9.8"
US:8 UK:7.5 EU:41 1/3 JP:260 10.0"
US:8.5 UK:8 EU:42 JP:265 10.2"
US:9 UK:8.5 EU:42 2/3 JP:270 10.4"
US:9.5 UK:9 EU:43 1/3 JP:275 10.5"
US:10 UK:9.5 EU:44 JP:280 10.7"
US:10.5 UK:10 EU:44 2/3 JP:285 10.9"
US:11 UK:10.5 EU:45 1/3 JP:290 11.0"
US:11.5 UK:11 EU:46 JP:295 11.2"
US:12 UK:11.5 EU:46 2/3 JP:300 11.3"
US:12.5 UK:12 EU:47 1/3 JP:305 11.5"
US:13 UK:12.5 EU:48 JP:310 11.7"

Anatomical Shape

Perfectly Seamless Humanrace Sičhona – adidas merges upper and midsole to enable you to move freely in any direction, no matter the activity.

360 Fit

Perfectly anatomical, Humanrace Sičhona - adidas securely locks down the foot to give you better stability and ground control so you can move freely from the streets to the gym.

Part of You

Designed to be an extension of your body, Humanrace Sičhona - adidas works with you, not against you, allowing you to move exactly how you’re meant to.

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